My name is Tim Jacobs, and I'm an online entrepreneur. My job is making web sites, managing them and sometimes flipping them/selling them. My job is do do quality work for myself and for the people visiting my web properties. I'm proud to call myself a designer AND an entrepreneur. I'm both equally much. I'm a new breed of online workmen.

Website Design

I create high quality web sites and slick web properties for development and website flipping.

Website Management

Website Management services include me making sure your web site makes money and runs smoothly!

Mobile Websites

The web is going to mobile devices - and I bring your web sites to their smart phones, tablet computers and more...

Movie Maker

I do all your online video properties, including shooting video footage on location!

A Couple Links

Here's a couple sites I either love or made myself. Check them out to get an idea of our view on the interweb!

About Me

I design pretty, profitable and interesting web sites. I manage, I sell, I develop.

A lot of website designers are always trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm not. I focus on simple, working web design and creating valuable web properties that people like visiting and enjoy. If you need help getting your web site live and are looking for a site that just works, get in touch with me!

Having a pretty web site is one thing. Having one that works on all browsers and having one that every visitor will understand is another. I believe in real world web design that doesn't cost a fortune to manage. I believe in realism.

My Services

Wonder what I specialize in? Want to learn more about what I'm good at? Here goes!

  • Template Design

    Template Design

    For businesses who can't afford high-end web design, I make simple templates that they can adjust a little to make their web site look bespoke, even if it isn't.
  • Website Development

    Website Development

    I build high-end database driven web properties out of thin air. As an intelligent coder and high-end developer I can make almost all your wishes come true!
  • Website Monetization

    Website Monetization

    I can turn your content-based home page into a money making machine. Even the smallest, simplest website can make you money when you outsource your management to me.

I do offer certain other services to valued clients. I dabble in high-end web hosting, Wordpress Management and much, much more...

Contact Me

Because I'm just a one-man company, I don't like putting up more information than I have to, allowing people to bother me while I'm working on your projects. Therefor, the best way to get in touch with me is to simply fill in the form below.

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